Refractive Clear Lens Exchange Surgery & Implants for Vision Correction at The Eye Care & Surgery Center in New Jersey

At The Eye Care & Surgery Center, we offer Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery which is also called Clear Lens Replacement or Lens Replacement Surgery with Lens Implants as another option for certain patients who wish reduce their dependency on glasses. The common vision problems of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism can be corrected either by reshaping the cornea-the front clear window of the eye-or by changing the power of the lens inside the eye. During your examination and consultation if we find that you are not a good candidate for corneal surgery such as LASIK or PRK, we are able to then evaluate your candidacy for Refractive Lens Exchange using Lens Implants.

Refractive Lens Exchange, Clear Lens Replacement or Lens Replacement Surgery with Lens Implants is a procedure very similar to cataract surgery, in that your surgeon is removing the natural crystalline lens and replacing it with a new, artificial lens. The difference is that with cataract surgery, the lens is being replaced because it has become “cloudy”. In the case of a cataract, you are unable to see clearly through the clouding of the crystalline lens, therefore, even glasses cannot correct the vision problem adequately. With Refractive Lens Exchange, the crystalline lens is being removed and replaced because it is not of proper strength to allow you to see clearly without having to rely on glasses.

The Refractive Lens Exchange procedure is performed as an outpatient surgery just like cataract surgery. Each eye is done separately, about one to two weeks apart. We typically use the Tecnis® Multifocal Lens Implant, the AcrySof® ReSTOR® Multifocal Lens Implant or the Crystalens® Accommodating Lens Implant as the replacement lens for our patients having this procedure.

There are two special benefits of having Refractive Lens Exchange, Clear Lens Replacement or Lens Replacement Surgery with Lens Implants. You’ll never need to worry about having cataract surgery, because your new lens will never become cloudy. More important, your new lens will never change in power as your eye ages, and consequently your outcome will remain stable for the rest of your life. After your thorough eye examination, we will be able to determine which of our many surgical options would be best suited for you.


If you or someone you know would like to learn more about the Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery, or Clear Lens Replacement, or schedule a Free Consultation, please call The Eye Care & Surgery Center at 800-504-1083 to schedule an appointment.

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